How to choose the best gaming headset?

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how to choose a gaming headset

How to choose the best gaming headset?

Knowing how to choose the best gaming headset for you will bring you the best gaming experience in terms of sound. Different headsets are available in the market today that ranges from simple headphones, DJ headphones, and wireless headphones, each with their specific job. For your gaming activities, choosing the best headset also means digging into the additional features such as microphone quality.

The importance of a good gaming headset

Computer games are programmed so that the player can customize the video and audio output of the game. For video outputs, you must choose a reliable computer monitor to meet your needs. Most video output devices these days already deliver great looking high definition video, so you can expect good animation and graphics anytime.

However, normal speakers and headphones do not have this function. For the best sound performance, it is best to choose a high-performance headset. Gaming headsets usually have a 3.5mm jack for output, or you can opt for a variety of USB-output headphones so you can use them on multiple devices.

Benefits of a gaming headset

Not only is the headset suitable for gaming, but it can also be used with a variety of sound-generating devices. This way you don’t have to disturb others when listening to music or movies of your choice.

Guide to choosing the best gaming headset

The best gaming headsets usually come with a headset and microphone. You can use the microphone to chat with other users or competitors in a game. There are many online games that you can use to interact with players around the world. With a good headset, you can have audio chat with them in-game.

You can choose from a wide variety of headsets in the market. Some are wired while others use Bluetooth technology so you can move around or do other things. You can also purchase headphones that are compatible with 3D video games. This means you get high definition sounds that make the experience more real than ever.


The best gaming headset should be able to provide comfort to the user. This is necessary because you will be wearing it for a long time. There is only one way to test whether a helmet is comfortable or not. Try it on before you buy.

Most of the time, the comfort factor depends on:

  • Padding – Is it thick and soft enough to protect your ear?
  • Auricles – is it big enough to hold your ear?
  • Headband – is it freely adjustable to your head size?
  • Weight – Is it too heavy on your ear?

Put it on for 15 minutes and you will know whether it is suitable for you or not.

Sound quality

The best gaming headset should be able to produce great sound quality. Although different people experience sound differently, here are a few tips you can use to distinguish headphones that have the good sound quality from bad ones.

  • Bass- a gaming headset with a strong bass shows significant differences in first-person shooter games like Counterstrike. You will hear the bullets flying around you and a distinct explosion in the background.
  • Surround Sound- a surround sound effect is necessary to create realism in your gameplay. These PC gaming headsets with 5.1 encoded digital audio are handy for identifying the enemy that is sneaking behind you or shooting at you
  • Noise cancellation- some gaming headsets use an external microphone to pick up and reverse external noise to block out unwanted noise. This is extremely useful if you always play in a noisy environment, e.g. in an internet café.

Cable length

The length of the cable determines how far you can stay behind the screen. A typical gaming headset should have a cable length of two meters. Anything shorter than this length will restrict your movement and cause you discomfort. If you have a game console like Xbox or PS3 in your living room, consider purchasing a headset with a longer cord or an extra retractable cord to connect to your headset.

Wireless headphones

If you’re always on the go and don’t want to be bothered by the cable, you can choose the wireless gaming headset that uses Bluetooth or RF technology. One word of caution: wireless headsets may be more prone to noise and/or loss of signal during transmission, which can result in static, hissing, or annoying noise.


Some of the PC gaming headsets are equipped with a microphone to allow interaction while gaming. This can be a useful feature to consider when choosing the best gaming headset.

Volume control

It may seem like a trivial function, but it is very important when you are away from your sound system. For a gaming headset with surround sound functionality, an inline volume control to control the individual speaker levels would be helpful. You can adjust the volume setting of each speaker to enhance your gaming experience.

Inbuilt vibrations

Force feedback gaming headsets use vibration to restore the physical feeling of low frequencies. The headset can sympathetically vibrate with the low frequencies of the audio signal so that the listener can hear and feel the bass.

The last thing to consider when choosing the best gaming headset is the warranty. Since your headset will most likely be in constant use and you know that the manufacturer offers the service and parts guarantee, you will save a lot in the event of defects.


When choosing the best gaming headset, you need to make sure that your headphones are comfortable because gaming sessions can last several hours. It should be comfortable so that you can enjoy the game as much as possible without straining your head or ears.

You should also check the sound and microphone quality. This aspect is one of the most important as sounds can make or break a game. The good sound produced by reliable headphones will ensure you have a great game and will have the best advantage possible in games that require listening. Game Sounds also help you develop strategies for selected games both on LAN and online.


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