How to choose the best gaming keyboard?

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How to choose the best gaming keyboard

How to choose the best gaming keyboard?

Choosing the best gaming keyboard is difficult because keyboards vary in appearance, functionality, and price. Every time a new gaming keyboard is out in the market, products are rated differently based on the priority they give to different functions.

Remember, you can use any keyboard for gaming as long as it works. Hence, the reason to buy a gaming keyboard is for the additional features they offer, which increases the ease of use, convenience, and fun in the game.

These include softkeys or buttons; a game mode that locks the Windows key so you don’t accidentally return to your desktop; the backlight, which is an aesthetic function but very useful to make the keys more visible. These are some of the features to look out for when choosing the best gaming keyboard.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards differ in price and quality, and some of them are low-quality products that everyone should avoid.

However, various brands brag about highly technical features that people don’t understand or features that don’t have a significant impact on improving the user experience.

If you want to know how to choose the best gaming keyboards, read this guide:

The switches used on the best gaming keyboards: mechanical vs. membrane and rubber dome

Gaming keyboards can use membrane keys, rubber domes, or mechanical switches. One problem is that manufacturers are not always honest about the types of keys they offer, especially on low budget keyboards, and use confusing terms in their marketing. For example, some brands qualify some of their keys as a membrane, while other manufacturers use the term “semi-mechanical”.

One thing to have in mind is that a keyboard is either mechanical or not. There is no such thing as “semi-mechanical” keyboard.  When choosing the best gaming keyboard, the mechanical keyboard is one of the best choices for gamers. It is durable and can withstand enough hits.

Keyboard backlight: RGB or monochrome backlight

Gamers use backlighting as a form of visual expression through personalization. When it comes to choosing the best gaming keyboards, there is one important decision you need to make when it comes to backlighting: Do you prefer an evenly lit color for the keyboard, or do you want RGB lighting?

Unfortunately, RGB lighting significantly increases the cost of the keyboard. Regardless of the type of backlight you choose for your keyboard, here are some things to consider:

Cheaper keyboards tend to have uneven lighting, especially RGB keyboards.  If you want the best and most customizable RGB lighting, you need to choose keyboards where each key has independent lighting, adding to your cost.

Keyboard Anti-ghosting and N-Key Rollover

Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover are features of gaming keyboards to look out for when choosing the best gaming keyboard, but these technical terms are sometimes misused in the keyboard gaming world and this term is also not understood by most end users.

One thing to know is that all gaming keyboards have anti-ghosting. When manufacturers brag about this feature, you shouldn’t be impressed, as it’s a basic standard for modern keyboards. If you ever come across a keyboard with no anti-ghosting, this is not something you should buy.

Keyboard personalization through software or keyboard shortcuts

Before going deep into this feature, you need to deep into preference. There are two types of users: users who need a plug-and-play keyboard that they can use right out of the box and don’t want to configure, and users who want advanced customizations for their gaming keyboard.

One of the drawbacks of advanced gaming accessories software ecosystems is that they force users to use accessories from a company.

For example, Corsair’s keyboard software works great and is useful, but only connect if you continue to buy Corsair gaming accessories like headsets, mousepads, etc. Other well-known brands like ASUS, Logitech, or Razer also offers this option.

When choosing the best gaming keyboards under personalization through software or keyboard shortcuts, preference is the major key here.

Keyboard accessories and other functions

Accessories are not essential to using a keyboard, nor do they tell you whether or not a keyboard is well designed. However, they are widely used to improve users’ perceptions of value, and at times they can be useful.

Comfortable seating and an ergonomic setup for your gaming rig are essential for long sessions. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable neck or wrist afterward. A wrist rest can be something to consider if you want to avoid straining your arm or wrists.

It is usually located just below the keyboard and is a padded piece that ensures that your hands are properly positioned while also supporting your wrists. This can help avoid repetitive strain on your hands, wrists, and arms as they are level with the keyboard.

Of course, not everyone finds palm rests convenient or necessary, and you can usually do without them if you are using your keyboard for minimal use. However, for heavy gaming sessions, you need to choose a keyboard that will permanently support you.

There’s nothing worse than sore muscles after a gaming session, which is why it might be a good idea to choose a gaming keyboard with a built-in wrist rest. It’s worth noting that you can find separate wrist rests that are not attached to the actual keyboard. This could be a great option for those who want to tailor their support to take full advantage of it.

Conclusion: The best gaming keyboard

There are many different factors to consider when looking for a new keyboard for gaming. A lot of what you can do depends on your own style and taste. Determining the best gaming keyboard is difficult as it is often a matter of personal preference.

There are many models with different features that affect or may affect your gaming experience. Because of this, it is important that you understand what to expect from your gaming keyboard and do a little research to see it. Which model suits you best?


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