How to choose the best gaming laptop?

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how to choose the best gaming laptop

How to choose the best gaming laptop?

The gaming laptop has become one of the greatest phenomena in recent years. The need to play games on a computer at home has increased drastically and what people are looking for has changed. When looking for the best gaming laptop, you are no longer looking for just a standard laptop, but for features that give you the best performance.

Most people think that the more expensive the laptop you buy, the better the gaming experience will be, but that’s not the case. On average, most gamers will be looking for an inexpensive computer that has a good list of high specs for the price. At the end of this article you get to have insight knowledge on how to choose the best gaming laptop and the specifications or features to look out for.

Things to know before choosing the best gaming laptop

There are certain things to know or have in mind when choosing the best gaming laptop. The best gaming laptop you want to buy depends on the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Lifestyle
  • Choice of games you want to play.

Listed below are things to know before choosing the best gaming laptop

Check the keyboard

When purchasing a gaming laptop, it is important to check the keyboard. A good gaming laptop should have a comfortable keyboard.

Convenience is a factor, but you should also decide if you want full-range RGB backlight settings (perfectly fine to skip these; fancy stuff here) and if you like the layout of the buttons themselves.

Do you really need a touchscreen laptop

Avoid touch screens. Touchscreen laptops, while more beneficial, are also more expensive. Unless you’re a designer, you don’t have to buy a touchscreen laptop.

Don't choose a laptop for low-end titles

It’s easy to find laptops that can play some low-end titles like Candy Crush or World of Warcraft. However, if you need a laptop that you can use to play certain games like The Witcher 4 and Grand Theft Auto V, these laptops should be avoided.

Check the screen size

Screen size is an important factor that you should also check out when purchasing a new gaming laptop. If you choose a bigger screen, you can expect a better viewing experience.

Select SSD storage

Investing in an SSD is a good idea for faster load times and game installs. By selecting an SSD, you can start applications immediately. The only downside is that the price is much more expensive than traditional hard drives.

Tips on Choosing the Best Gaming Laptop

If you want to find the best gaming laptop, there are a few basic tips you need to know. When buying a gaming laptop, the first thing you need to do is understand your needs. This can take a while as some features need to be studied in depth.

Note: Gaming laptops are a different model from the standard laptops you’ve seen so far. If you want to play popular games like Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Dirt: Showdown, and Assassin’s Creed, finding the best gaming laptop is a must.


CPU is also known as the processor, it is the brain of your computer and determines how quickly your laptop can process input, store data, and perform well on output. Your processor is in constant communication with other parts of your computer. It is therefore important that the device’s central nervous system is in good working order.

As most people should know, to play 3D games, the computer must be running at high resolutions. Hence, you need a powerful processor. The higher the processor speed, the better it can handle game speeds and use faster graphics cards.


The GPU (or graphics card) does what it sounds like: it ensures that your games achieve the graphics quality you expect. The better the GPU, the better your laptop can render details like textures, anti-aliasing, ray tracing, etc.

(You can always change these settings in your games to better match your graphics card. The better the GPU, the closer you can access these high-end settings.)

RAM (or System Memory)

Your RAM, like your CPU, is extremely important in determining overall performance. RAM provides short-term storage for applications so that they can quickly access data and store information that your computer is actively using. With budget gaming laptops, you shouldn’t settle for less than 8GB of RAM.


Make sure the gaming laptop has enough ports, especially flexible ports like the ThunderboltTM 3 port that can be used to connect external monitors and external storage. With data transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps, the ThunderboltTM 3 port is particularly useful when moving large files from an external drive.

Storage room

When it comes to storage, you usually choose between a hard drive (HDD) and a solid-state drive (SSD). Hard drives can have higher storage capacity than SSDs but at the cost of lower performance.

The good news is that some gaming laptops are taking a dual storage approach and are choosing a hard drive as the primary storage method with a smaller built-in SSD that you can devote to your more performance-intensive games.

Screen display

That beautiful GPU that you bought is going to waste if you don’t have a beautiful screen to be amazed at. There are three main things to look for here: resolution, refresh rate, and size.

You can opt for a resolution of 1080p with a refresh rate of 60 Hz (meaning you can run up to 60 frames per second on your screen). However, the screen size depends on your preferences. You can choose between 15 inches to 17 inches.


The higher the specifications of your laptop, the more expensive it gets, but that shouldn’t put you off. Most games have minimum requirements which means the type of gaming laptop you choose to buy depends on the type of game you play. You shoud definately look at these before purchasing your gaming laptop.

There are many brands designed specifically for the gaming market and it is up to you to decide what you think is the best gaming laptop for you and your needs. Whether you are looking at the line designed just for gaming or the computers available in the mainstream line, there is sure to be one that will suit your needs and in most cases, outperform them at the same time.


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