How to choose the best gaming mouse?

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how to choose the best gaming mouse

How to choose the best gaming mouse?

In today’s technological world, choosing the best gaming mouse can be difficult. There are many features to choose from and there are many top brands that make them. Some of the features include infrared or laser sensors, dpi settings, new buttons that may or may not be programmed, etc.

You want to do your research and decide which manufacturer to buy, it is important to know what you need or want. The most important features you might want to look for when you want to choose the best gaming mouse include sensitivity, buttons, weight, and grip.

Sensitivity is important because the more sensitive it is, the less you need to move it to get the results you want. It is recommended to find one where you can adjust the sensitivity. If it’s too sensitive, you may not be stable enough to make it work as intended.

The more keys you can program, the better. This way you can use it for certain actions in your game without resorting to the keyboard. Some even allow the user to configure something called a macro or a series of events or actions, making them an even better choice for gaming.

The right type of mouse gives users the ultimate gaming experience. There are many options to choose from that may not have been offered in the past.

Keep some of the following in mind to narrow your search options for the correct control:

  • Infrared technology allows users to move the controller freely wherever they want.
  • Revolutionary technology enhances the gaming experience with programmable buttons that can be used as shortcuts in games. This can also include clickable scroll wheels and extra side buttons that make reading your game a lot easier than finding shortcut keys on a keyboard.

What is the difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse?

A gaming mouse is not that different from a normal computer mouse. Just about any design can be labelled “for gaming,” and you don’t necessarily need a dozen extra buttons and flashing LED lights. In general, every gaming mouse that needs to be considered for purchase has at least two features: an advanced optical or laser sensor that allows for faster or more precise movements, and a degree of customization.

The gaming mouse often has additional buttons for the gamer’s thumb, quick adjustments to sensitivity and speed, extra-long cables, or even exotic functions such as adjustable weights or tension springs for buttons.

Also, almost all gaming mouse are wired and not wireless. This tends to be attributed to an “input delay”, which is a questionable advantage for the USB input.

The perceived benefit of a wired connection means that non-mobile wireless gaming mouse are hard to come by. These wireless gaming mouse have custom, super-fast wireless connections, so they are typically even more expensive than regular models.

More expensive gaming mouse usually have more bells and whistles than the cheaper models, but that doesn’t mean you’ll only get a better experience if you spend more. Here are some things to keep in mind before spending your money on a new design.

Guide on how to choose the best gaming mouse

Be clear with your favorite game genre

As you know, we have many types of games, from real-time strategy games, first-person shooters, online games to action role-playing games and a lot more. When choosing the best gaming mouse, think about your favorite type of game. Because mouse are made differently for different games.

If you like FPS games, you may want a higher resolution mouse (over 2000 dpi) while an RTS gamer may not need it.

Know your grip style

The type of grip you use, especially if you’re playing a PC game rather than using a mouse for more mundane tasks, is important. While every player is different, you can generally break the grip down into three general styles:

  • Palm grip: A standard grip used by most players. Your fingers rest flat on the mouse buttons and your entire palm rests on the body of the mouse.
  • The grip of the Point: Only the ends of your index, middle, and ring fingers rest on the left, middle (wheel), and mouse button, with the palm not touching the hand body at all. Mouse. Your thumb grabs the side of the mouse.
  • Claw: a mix of palm and lace styles. Your palm rests only on the back edge of the mouse, with your fingers and thumbs facing the buttons.

Different grips can be more or less effective for different types of games, but changing your grip type on purpose is not a good idea. Just use the plug that’s right for you so you can play well.

Wired or wireless?

If you’re like other typical gamers, your room can be a mess of cables and gears. Often it will annoy you more than it will help you. That’s why we have wireless gears.

But do they offer the same quality of precision and feedback as wired? This is a controversial question. In my experience, they can. But it’s up to you, the decision-maker.

If you like a clean room, choose a wireless mouse. If you think wired gears are better quality and you don’t mind doing a little house cleaning then go for it. It depends on you.


Budget is a real issue, especially for players who have their own money to spend. The price of a gaming mouse varies widely, ranging from as little as 20 to hundreds of dollars. Hence, choosing a gaming mouse depends on your budget.


The best gaming mouse for you doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most expensive. The gaming mouse can easily cost over $ 100, and for that type of money, you want to be sure that you are getting what you pay for.


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