How to choose the best wireless gaming headset?

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how to choose the best wireless gaming headset

How to choose the best wireless gaming headset?

Simply put, gaming headsets are just headphones with built-in boom microphones that you can use to talk and hear and are indispensable for online games. There are tons of gaming headsets available, most of which require a cable plugged into your computer or the controller on your game console. But wireless gaming headsets give you a cable-free experience and we’ll help you choose the best wireless gaming headset for you.

With wireless gaming headsets, you enjoy the two-way wireless sound. They tend to cost more than their wired equivalents, but the convenience is well worth it.

However, as with most gaming peripherals, choosing the best wireless gaming headset is no easy task. There are many brands, each with its take on gaming audio hardware. The bottom line is that wireless gaming headsets cost more than their wired siblings. Hence it is important to buy the right one.

However, there are still several factors to consider. As with wired headphones, wireless versions offer functions such as noise-filtering microphones. Also, you need to consider your comfort. Then there is the problem of battery life – after all, wireless headsets need charging.

What are the benefits of a wireless gaming headset?

The wireless gaming headset gives you the freedom to move around and the benefit of reducing the size of the cable nest that is always under your desk or around your TV.

If you’re a gamer plugging your PC into a TV, or if you’re a console gamer looking to further reduce the cable clutter, a wireless gaming headset is a must. These days audio quality is comparable to wired gaming headsets, so there are even more reasons to cut the cable.

Note: Wireless gaming headsets tend to be more expensive than their wired counterparts. A budget couple can set you back to 100 to 150 USD, while more expensive models can go for over 300 USD.

It almost entirely depends on your budget and what you want your headset to do. The more you pay for a headset, the more features it has and the better the sound quality. Before purchasing the best wireless gaming headset, it is advisable to set a budget.

Let’s run through some of the main points when choosing your wireless gaming headset.

Guide to choosing the best wireless gaming headset

Battery life

Good battery life is essential when choosing the best wireless gaming headset. You don’t want to stop in the middle of a game and recharge your headset. A good wireless gaming headset runs out of battery after 6 hours. Fortunately, most wireless headsets these days have 10 to 20 hours of battery life.


Comfort is another important factor when choosing the best wireless gaming headset. Otherwise, you will find long games annoying your ears.

When choosing your gaming headset, there are several sizes to choose from: The sizes are L for your ear, XL for the ear, or XXL for extreme comfort on the ear. If you choose a larger size, you will find that the headphones are better suited for noise canceling.

To get an idea of ​​how comfortable the headphones are, take a look at the materials that the headphones and headband are made of. While leather ear cups look more luxurious, they can develop sweat over a long period. Something spongier doesn’t have this problem, but it may not be as comfortable to wear.

Avoid wearing a headset that gives the impression that the headband is crushing your head. Instead, find a pair that will sit gently on your head and be padded. Helmets with metal or plastic straps without padding are not comfortable for long periods of play.


This might go without saying, but being easily portable is a big positive when choosing between wired and wireless headsets. With a wireless headset, factors such as battery life and the size of the charging accessories contribute to the things you don’t initially think about that would hinder portability.

Sound quality

When choosing the best wireless gaming headset for PC, sound quality is an important factor. Excellent sound quality is required for you to be able to listen properly while you play. Also, you can use the sound quality of a gaming headset to differentiate between good and cheaper headsets.

Your wireless gaming headset must also support noise cancellation. This function helps to suppress the surrounding sound with the microphone. Noise cancellation is a great feature as it allows you to focus on your game and not what is going on around you.

Microphone clarity

The other thing to consider with regards to quality, is the quality of your microphone. There is nothing worse than having your friends constantly telling you to turn your microphone up, or worse, not hearing you during a key part of the game. 

Make sure that the microphone on your headset is not an after thought. Better still, getting a really good microphone might allow you to do other things such as record audio clips and even singing.


You want to find a pair of wireless gaming headsets that are built to last. Microphones, speakers, cables, and build quality must be top-notch.

The best wireless gaming headset should be durable enough to handle small accidents and drops. If you don’t choose the right headphones, accidents and falls can result in a loose connection or even permanently damage the headphones.


The cost of a wireless gaming headset can be very high. So when it comes to the cost of your PC wireless gaming headset, it’s all up to you. Buying a cheaper headset may result in lower quality while choosing the expensive pair will result in higher quality. You need to choose a headset that suits your budget.

Most good wireless gaming headsets can be purchased for less than $ 200. Avoid paying more than $ 200 unless you want that ultra-high-end experience. Keep in mind that wireless headsets can cost around $ 100. So be ready to pay so much for a great wireless gaming headset.


For the most part, wireless gaming headsets are compatible with almost all electronic devices such as televisions, PCs, phones, etc., provided they have the means to connect to them. It looks a little different with consoles, however.

Wireless gaming headsets may not be compatible with other game systems. There are wireless gaming headsets that you can use on different consoles.

The best wireless headsets require firmware to function properly on a console. So if you switch to another console that doesn’t have this firmware, things get complicated. Some functions are made unnecessary, noises can be distorted, interference occurs.


If you look out for all of the above, you’ll end up with a hassle free wireless gaming headset. Some will always argue that wired headsets are still better than wireless headsets for an umber of reasons. But, wireless headsets have come a long way in recent years and will likely become more and more popular in future as battery life continues to improve.


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